Best Cello String instrument libraries for Kontakt 6 – Cinematic Samples

In this article, I will tell you about the best cello string instrument libraries for Kontakt 6.

Cello is one of the most beautiful string instruments. It is used by both cinematic composers as well as music producers for making music.

A good library is essential for creating realistic and organic-sounding cello strings.

All the libraries have the respective buy link with them. So without further delay, let’s count the best cello string libraries for Kontakt.

1. Emotional Cello by Best Service

Emotional Cello by Best service is one of the best-sounding string libraries for Kontakt.  It has some of the best articulations for cello strings.

This library is created by Munich-Based developers Harmonic Subtones. The best part about this library is the continuity of the sound, true legato, and outstanding realistic expression.

You can get up to 100 realistic articulations in Emotional Cello. There are 3 main patches in the library namely – Emotional Cello, Sulponticello, and Harmonic Cello.

Each patch has its own set of articulations. All the samples are phase aligned, giving a smooth fading and true legato. Another great feature of this cello library is its adaptability to the tempo of the project.

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2. Isobelle’s Cello Collection 1 by Inlet Audio

This is a rather lesser-known cello library for Kontakt. But certainly, Isobelle’s cello is one of the most dreamy and creative string libraries I came across.

There are 20 different articulations in this library

The best feature of this library is its X-Y pad. It lets you morph among 4 different articulations at a time, giving more creative freedom and unique sound.

Although this is not the best option for realistic cello sound, it is the best Kontakt library for ambient, electronic, and modern cinematic music.

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3. Chris Hein Ensemble Strings – Best Service

Let me tell you a secret, Chris Hein’s Ensemble Strings is the most underrated string library ever. You are going to see this library in almost all articles about strings from now on.

Although we have lots of amazing Cello libraries in the market, they have one or more drawbacks. Sometimes it’s performance & articulation, sometimes it’s alignment issues, and sometimes it’s the price. But Chris Hein’s Ensamble String is the perfect blend of everything an ideal cello library must have.

Unlike most libraries where the sound is recorded in groups, this particular library uses individual solo plays. Each sample is carefully recorded, detuned, and aligned. By the way, there are more than 120,000 individual string samples in this library.

Regarding the articulation and sound quality, this ensemble library is very natural and fluid. The articulations are very realistic. There are 36 total articulations in this library.

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4. Spitfire Solo Cello

Spitfire is one of the leading Kontakt library creators. Solo Cello is one of the most popular string libraries from the company. The best part about Spitfire solo cello, or any other instrument library in general is the simple user interface and low CPU consumption.

This is the best cello string instrument library for creating solo instruments for any cinematic or other music. There are 5 true legato modes in the instrument: fingered legato, bowed legato, portamento legato, runs and arpeggios.

Spitfire solo cello has one of the best expression control among any other available Kontakt string instrument in the market.

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Native Instruments – Stradivari Cello

How does it feel to add a multi-million dollar instrument to your composition? If you want to find out, you gotta buy Stradivari Cello. Stradivaris are considered as world’s best string instruments. Native Instruments has sampled the same instrument for their cello library, which is part of their recent Cremona Quartet.

The library features a rather simple user interface. There are 20 articulations available for the Stradivari cello. Each articulation has perfect phase alignment for a smooth transition.

The samples are recorded using 32 mics, divided into 3 mic positions, close, mid, and far.  You can mix these mic positions. Although it is the most natural-sounding cello library for Kontakt, it requires high CPU usage.

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These were my top 5 pics for the best cello libraries for Kontakt 6. You can choose the best option based on the genre you are producing. While choosing the library, make sure to check the compatibility, CPU and hard drive requirements.

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